During past two months or so, our Rapid Task force for COVID-19 was intensely working  directly or indirectly to support the dedicated healthcare workers, policemen and cleaners/janitors/sanitation task force across the State… providing them basic essential necessities for their daily life… hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, PPE kits, etc… We keep doing our bit for the society, altruistically.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many universities, companies globally to come up with vaccination, medicine. Vekaria Healthcare LLP is one of the few (118) at the fore front;

also working on development of other ground-breaking patentable therapeutic agents – antibodies with a preventive & curative role, regenerative medicine, natural formulas; RT-PCR, Rapid Antibody IgM-IgG, ELISA test kits, medical devices, hand sanitizers, PPE kits, etc.

We also came up with our own brand of hand sanitizers which was made in concordance with the WHO-recommended hand-rub/hand sanitizer formulation, the strategic brand name is ‘GERM SCARE‘.

Developing Test Kits

Third one to come up soon is a home-based IgM-IgG Antibody Rapid test kit, which is really a need of a country like India, we are in negotiation with a company that has the US FDA Authorisation.

There also came up an immediate need from the companies in India and abroad (Germany, Kenya (East Africa), Vietnam, Israel, the USA, South Korea, Canada & Singapore,  as well), to manage the volume production as fast possible. Those who has their own Rapid Test Kits validated by the concerned authorities in their country and India, but for various reasons like material procurement and man power shortage due to lock-down situation plus huge demand,,. supply gap, out from them became very uncertain. So, we very thoughtfully created an arrangement for supporting these companies, as many of them approached us to support to produce kits for them in this situation for both IgM-IgG Rapid test kits and RT-PCR test kits, Rapid Test Kits are needed to assess the presence of infection in particular area. It is useful in disease.

RT-PCR (Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Test)

Samples taken from the throat or nasal swab to detect corona virus. Takes five to six hours to show the final results.

Hence, we decided to support other companies to produce test kits, but we must also develop our own test kits… both IgM-IgG Antibody Rapid test kits and RT-PCR test kits. Our expert team has developed and we are in a final stage of in-house lab testing, and then soon will submit for the validation of the to the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi and/or the National Institute of Virology, Pune, In the mean time we have also taken care of getting necessary infrastructure ready to start mass production soon.

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria signed an MoU, exclusively collaborating with the prestigious ‘Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Tata Memorial Centre (ACTREC-TMC), Department of Atomic Energy (among the key Ministerial Portfolios held by the Hon’ble PM Mr. Narendra Modi), Government of India’ on 1st October 2020 for commercialising ‘VARS: Vekaria-ACTREC qRT-PCR COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2 Detection-Diagnostic Test-Kit’ to benefit the Society/Governments. The ‘VARS’ is one of the only peer-reviewed qRT-PCR methodology kits from India, published in the renowned ‘Heliyon, Cell Group’, an internationally peer-reviewed journal. First developed by ACTREC, headed by Dr. Amit Dutt, Principal-Investigator, Scientist-F and Dr. Sudeep Gupta, Director-ACTREC with the brilliant-students/researchers’ team from the Dutt-Laboratory: Mr. Bhasker Dharavath, PhD-Student; Ms. Neelima Yadav, PhD-Student; Mr. Sanket Desai, PhD-Student; Ms. Roma Sunder, Junior-Research-Fellow.

Developing Vaccination

Second is to develop vaccination.

Developing Medicine

Third and most important is to come up with our own therapeutic agent to treat these COVID-19 patients and for immunization of normal non-infected population/people as a preventive and curative therapeutic medication.

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director’s ground breaking patentable idea of coming up with a unique formula with the combination of biopharmaceuticals, biologics and biosimilars is now at a very active, action mode stage and will come up soon with a medication which is not there at present anywhere in the world.

While doing this and constantly observing the sufferings of people all around the World… We’d sleepless nights. Being a healthcare company, we were pondering, reading, searching, interacting with experts all around… Finally, very thoughtfully came up with a plan to invent a drug/medication which is not present anywhere in the world, and the idea is patentable and the brain child of Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director, Vekaria Healthcare LLP.