Brief introduction about our family business in the engineering sector:

Established at Jamnagar, Gujarat – since 1963, was founded by the Late Mr. Shamjibhai Vekaria. Later took over by Mr. Bhupendra Vekaria, Chairman & Managing Director and under his leadership has set an example of engineering excellence, attained customer satisfaction with a sound/marvellous history of more than 58+ years as one of the India’s first & global leading – jewellery making, forming, engraving machinery manufacturers (manual, semi-automatic, automatic, CNC & robotic machines and more…) & exporters company, worldwide. The company enjoys close to 78% to 80% market share in this inudstry specific segment. It has attained respectable global presence (having exported machines/products in every country globally). All big brands and small-scale jewellery manufacturers (globally) are our esteemed clients. We’ve been awarded the prestigious – “Bhartiya Udyog Ratan” Award from the then Hon’ble Union – Minister of State for Defence – Shri Bachi Singh Rawat, Government of India.

The company is also involved into specialized manufacturing of components for aerospace & defence. The company later joined by Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Managing Director – fueling the spirit of the company with high standards of creativity, new policies, marketing approaches, systems thinking, manufacturing practices & conception of new patent-able product lines (conception of robotic machines), automation and more.

58+ Years
58+ Years

as one of the India’s first & global leading – jewellery making machinery manufacturers


We’ve been awarded the prestigious – “Bhartiya Udyog Ratan” Award from the then Hon’ble Union – Minister of State for Defence – Shri Bachi Singh Rawat, Government of India.

Our Company
Our Company

The company is also involved into specialised manufacturing of components for aerospace & defence.

As part of our interests into government infrastructure & tourism pilgrimage development projects/sector

Saundarya Lahari

“Spiritual roots of Indian Society to be strengthened & to be made accessible to millions of people”.

Classic example is our architectural & mythological marvel & a purely devotional project (non-profit project) we did with Gujarat Tourism & Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board (Ministry of Pilgrimage – Tourism, State Government of Gujarat) at Ambaji, Palanpur – ‘Saundarya Lahari’, a very Unique Temple Art Gallery Project with 51 Shaktipeethas, Visha Yantra Temple Darshan in our Great Indian Art/Architectural Heritage with high traces of 1st to 12th Century Era Architecture, Three 3D movie theaters with special screening of the World’s First Indian Mythological 3D Movie.

Movie production done with Ramanand Sagar Arts’ Studios in the Legendary Amitabh Bachchan’s voice over, especially for this project.

Lucas Energy Alliance LLP

(a start-up co-founded by Mr. Bhupendra Vekaria & Mr. Yogendra Vekaria)

Having interests mainly in the renewable energy sector. We started certain projects in the State of Karnataka. The Karnataka State Government had launched a policy/project namely SRTPV policy i.e. Solar Roof Top Photo Voltaic policy, did MoUs with many PPA holders for around 512 megawatts. Setting up projects in agricultural lands on the existing super structures. Unfortunately, due to policy crisis (then) in the Karnataka State Government the project had to be halted. Making good, genuine companies suffer too. Which made the policy a sub-judice matter, at present been fought in the Karnataka High Court. The company is also having interests into research & innovation of new patented/patent-able technologies to improve efficiency in the PV panels & energy storage area. The company had invested in a start-up company for solar education – short term solar roof top installation courses with an authentic collaboration with Gujarat Energy Research & Management Institute, Government of Gujarat and more. It aspires to grow more in the renewable energy sector.

Vekaria Defence Alliance LLP

Similarly, it’s a start-up, mainly having interests in the defence & homeland security sector founded by Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director. Proposing projects for counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency i.e./e.g. innovating & inducting strategic counter-terrorism urban/close combat armoured vehicles, weaponry, automated unmanned air & ground vehicles, etc. Manufacturing of defence equipment & components and more. With an aim of modernization & protection of the National – Internal Security & Defence. Proposing projects to various State Governments, Union Home (Ministry of Interior) & Defence Ministries.

Labhyog Impex

Machine-tool manufacturing; sales, trading, exports of machinery & spares.


Investing in agricultural lands, commercial & industrial properties. Converting agricultural lands into non-agricultural lands and making industrial estates and so and so forth – related businesses. The promoters and the group companies have a rich asset base – spread across various asset classes with big investments in the real-estate (projects) sector, commodities, stock markets, private equity, venture capital and more.

The Vekaria Group of Companies & its promoters has a keen interest in philanthropy, continuing and growing since generations.