About the Startup – Vekaria Healthcare LLP


Any vision of the future requires an appreciation of the past.

Vekaria Healthcare LLP was founded by Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director in January 2016, with the vision of entering only in strategic & unique segments of the healthcare sector with prevention & cure, improving quality of care – in mind. Mr. Yogendra Vekaria is of 24 years age – young entrepreneur, He’s done schooling at st. Xavier’s High School, Jamnagar, having done Mechanical Engineering (Diploma & B.Tech, then thought to drop out…) and then also studied Global/Public Health Programme from Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health – Harvard University, Boston. (And is also planning to do an MBA programme but highly believes in self-study.) always strives to keep learning. He’s been involved and interested in business since his early childhood, not specific to a sector and has been in various projects related to science & engineering since early childhood & schooling e.g. making a remote-controlled hovercraft from waste/scrapped items in just a day, designing a car for the future solving parking space problems – which’d be converted into a sedan & a hatchback with a single mechanical system within the car, designing & sketching/rendering machines and much more.

Being a young entrepreneur working in the healthcare start-up, with the government, medical field/fraternity, He has passed through a lot of struggles just because of his young age. Due to certain people’s limitations of mental ability for acceptance and poor mindset (shallow thinking) that even such a young person can achieve and come up with revolutionary & big research ideas & projects and talk to authorities with well-planned detailed project proposals and can also answer difficult questions, propose & talk about big public policy changes, modifications, upgradations. Point out flaws in it with solutions too.

The Swearing-in-Ceremony
of the Hon’ble Prime Minister (PM) & Union Council of Ministers

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria has possibly been one of the youngest to be invited at the Swearing-in-Ceremony of the Hon’ble Prime Minister (PM) & Union Council of Ministers, Govt. of India at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi on 30th May 2019.

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria is also working full-time on-board all the group companies (family & other businesses) as a Managing Director; and has founded start-ups in the following three sectors: healthcare (Vekaria Healthcare LLP), defence & homeland security (Vekaria Defence Alliance LLP) and renewable energy (Lucas Energy Alliance LLP); and working full-time & serving as the Founder & Managing Director on all the three start-ups.

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria has made a company policy to always enter into something strategic, unique and unconventional with high ethical values; trying as much possible not to enter into conventional & competitive projects/ideas. Even if it’ll be or its highly challenging, yet to strive to add value & contribute to the society and should always be addressing a noble cause behind every business or project we enter in/do/start. To always do a business with a noble cause.


Health is regarded as a human right. We are a company of continuous improvement, constantly striving to be the best. We constantly strive to exceed our expectations.

This led us to explore different verticals. Slowly, steadily we started focusing on this essential business touching the human life.

We deeply studied the field of healthcare, made in-depth research, interacted with leading experts from all over the world and finally decided:

Focus on making the devices user-friendly, inventing new devices & technologies, bringing up new ways & projects to impact the public at large for their betterment. And to make it as cost effective as possible.

With the quote in mind: “Prevention is better than cure.” As, what if there’s no cure? We’ve to focus on prevention and also on finding a cure.

Primarily, one of the flagship start-up projects of Vekaria Healthcare LLP was focused on prevention of irreversible blindness & the socio-economic burden to the Society/Govt; proposing big way projects (with a noble cause) to various State Govts; Central Ministries – inducting new bleeding edge medical & innovative tech. in the global public health system & to focus on invention; one of such projects is ongoing with the ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation), Union Labour & Employment Ministry, Govt. of India, inducting a product of Vekaria Healthcare LLP the – Macular Densitometer for prevention of irreversible, reversible blindness at pre-clinical & clinical stages & its resultant socio-economic burden to the Society/Govt; which is a quarter to Indian Rupees (INR/Rs.) 4,000 crores (Rs. 40 billion) project.

Elaborating that, starting from a disease called Macular Degeneration. It is the world’s third largest/leading cause of irreversible blindness as per the WHO. Of which the global prevalence rate is 8.7% according to the WHO. Hence, it’s also listed in the priority eye diseases list by the WHO. Having a huge socio-economic burden on the society & the governments – globally.

So, as we knew – about a medical device called the Macular Densitometer and the entire research team. The Macular Densitometer is the world’s first & the only device which can measure/detect the Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD), at a pre-clinical stage. Which means, years before the actual pathology (Macular Degeneration or other diseases…) starts, we can do a simple eye-test. Then, if the MPOD levels are found low. Through prescription of simple supplements, we’d increase the density and prevent the irreversibly blinding disease (resulting into prevention of the huge socio-economic burden and having eyesight and certain neural disorders…), also retard the progression at a clinical stage and/or also improve the vision/visual acuity of the subject/patient drastically. The Macular Densitometer was invented (research version & various with clinical improvement, a clinical version; device was also patented) 20 years back by Prof. Billy R. Wooten, Macular Metrics II, LLC, USA.

Hence, we saw immense value & potential in the device. The being used for research & clinical practises in more than 200 globally renowned research institutes. And certain ophthalmic clinics, as well. Yet, due to the conflict of interest, which is why’d someone want to prevent an irreversibly blinding disease if they’re making millions & billions out of it, if a patient gets the disease (Macular Degeneration) he/she is prescribed by the doctor for taking intra-vitreal injections – monthly or quarterly, which is a recurring cost but a huge loss to the patient. Hence, the device wasn’t massively into the practise, also due to the awareness issue. We also have strong published data, 200+ peer reviewed research papers including certain clinical trials’ data & clinical studies.

Hence, we took it as a challenge with a vision. Coming up, with a massive revolutionary irreversible blindness prevention programme – project, never thought of in the world in such a massive scale nor performed.
Vekaria Healthcare LLP is now the exclusive right holder, global promoter and manufacturer of the device – the Macular Densitometer. Also further improving the device & working on inventing further more patentable devices. Hence, the Macular Densitometer is now a product of Vekaria Healthcare LLP.

The vision of Mr. Yogendra Vekaria was/is to induct the Macular Densitometer in the public health system, at a grass-loot level to benefit the public at large by (primarily with high priority) preventing irreversible blindness & the huge socio-economic burden due to it to the society & the government, saving & improving eyesight – visual acuity, preventing & reducing oxidative stress in the eyes, preventing neural disorders (not the primary priority).

We’ve been already proposing big way projects to various state governments & central ministries in India, and also exploring opportunities in other governments/nations globally.

We’d once decided not to enter the private sector due to the possible and/or clear conflict of interest, which we’ve seen & been experiencing since long. Hence, we’d not propose our devices for purchase to any private clinics or institutes unless they eagerly want us to and insist. Yet, as we’ll be mass producing the devices, we’ll invest in the devices and collaborate with private diagnostics centres, clinics, institutions for planting our device there for screening of patients/people and/or also establishing our own exclusive screening centres across the nation & globally in the next phase, sooner or later.

A lot of private clinics and institutions are willing to collaborate with us in many more ways.


We’re committed to push the science and technology a step beyond where it is today in the field of healthcare!

While primarily focusing on one aspect, medical devices to begin with, we found that the use of technologies and its developments are moving faster than ever before. This rapid rate of change, creates a world filled with exciting new opportunities. That led us to work more to move the essential technologies forward.

Complex medical technology is rapidly being introduced in healthcare, aimed at imparting diagnosis and treatment. We give more emphasis on preventive & curative healthcare, early diagnosis, reduction in patient discomfort and in improving quality of care. One of our main priorities also is prevention of huge socio-economic burden/impact to the society.

This vast field of healthcare and medicine: telemedicine, precision medicine, 3D printing, AI, robotics, pharmaceuticals, pharmacogenomics, optics, optometry, genetics, genomics, biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, virology, pathology, regenerative medicine, CRISPR and much more is now there in a well organised manner at different level of evolution in our enterprise. Research & product development, clinical trials, clinical studies… and much more is going on… to help the humanity to minimise or possibly avoid the sufferings due to any kind of ailment.