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Vekaria Healthcare LLP

“Vekaria Healthcare LLP was founded by Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director in January 2016 ”

Founded in January 2016, Vekaria Healthcare LLP focuses on having the vision of entering only in strategic & unique segments of the healthcare sector with prevention & cure, improving quality of care – in mind.

With the prime focus on making the devices user-friendly, inventing new devices & technologies, bringing up new ways & projects to impact the public at large for their betterment. And to make it as cost effective as possible.

With the quote in mind: “Prevention is better than cure.” As, what if there’s no cure? We’ve to focus on prevention and also on finding a cure.

Complex medical technology is rapidly being introduced in healthcare, aimed at imparting diagnosis and treatment. We give more emphasis on preventive & curative healthcare, early diagnosis, reduction in patient discomfort and in improving quality of care. One of our main priorities also is prevention of huge socio-economic burden/impact to the society.


Macular densitometer

The Macular Densitometer is the world’s first & the only device which can measure/detect the Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD), at a pre-clinical stage. implying that years before the actual pathology – Macular Degeneration or other diseases start, there can be a simple eye-test. Then, if the MPOD levels are found low, through prescription of simple supplements, the density will be increased and the irreversibly blinding disease can be prevented, which in turn results into prevention of the huge socio-economic burden and having eyesight and certain neural disorders and also to retard the progression at a clinical stage and to improve the vision/visual acuity of the subject/patient drastically.The Macular Densitometer was invented (research version & various with clinical improvement, a clinical version; device was also patented) 20 years back by Prof. Billy R. Wooten, Macular Metrics II, LLC, USA.

Vekaria Healthcare LLP is now the exclusive right holder, global promoter and manufacturer of the device – the Macular Densitometer. Also further improving the device & working on inventing further more patentable devices.


Vekaria Healthcare LLP is coming up in most scientific and advanced manner with the focus on preventive & curative healthcare.
For providing medicines to people around the world we have FOUR GOALS:
  1. 1. Prevention of disease and injury.
  2. 2. Promotion and maintenance of health.
  3. 3. Relief of pain and suffering from the disease or injury.
  4. 4. Avoidance of premature death.
For achieving these goals, soon we’re coming up with: natural formulas, drug delivery systems and ATMPs
(Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products).

Research & Development

Vekaria Healthcare Research Foundation

Research and development are the key to grow & operate worldwide, as innovation plays a pivotal role to beat the competition & moreover inventing ground-breaking achievements.

R & D is the key element at Vekaria Healthcare LLP.

We have a full-fledged Research & Development Division with quality control. With this philosophy governing our operational management system, collaboration with proven, reputed and well-established institutes became essential. As by such unions with collective efforts and knowledge sharing one can attain unimaginable heights through innovation.

Prioritizing the current situation with the spread of SARS-CoV-2, which is declared as pandemic by WHO, we are in process of developing and making IgM-IgG Antibody Rapid test kits and RT-PCR test kits, as well as we intend to come up soon is a home-based IgM-IgG Antibody Rapid test kit. The other priority is to develop vaccination. And most important upcoming task is to come up with our own therapeutic agent to treat these COVID-19 patients and for immunization of normal non-infected population as a preventive and curative therapeutic medication.

The pandemic task force for Covid-19

During past few months, our Rapid Task force for COVID-19 has been intensely working directly or indirectly to support the dedicated healthcare workers, policemen and cleaners/janitors/sanitation task force across the State, providing them basic essential necessities for their daily life like hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, PPE kits, etc.

We, at Vekaria Group keep on doing our bit for the society, altruistically.

We also came up with our own brand of hand sanitizers which was made in concordance with the WHO-recommended hand-rub/hand sanitizer formulation, the strategic brand name is “GERM SCARE”.

And we are in process of developing test kits, vaccination and medication to fight the pandemic that is covid-19.