Vekaria Healthcare Research Foundation

Why Research?

Research and development are the key to grow & operate worldwide, as innovation plays a pivotal role to beat the competition & moreover inventing ground-breaking achievements.

R & D is the key element of our company.

It is in double fold. One is for our internal constant improvisation. This arm is focusing on constant improvement, to achieve higher level of performances, with the passing time.

Second arm encompassing larger areas of R & D is for development of existing products. Invention of newer products and processes.

We constantly welcome new ideas and knowledge-based learning/research. And apply it to practical use. And also support people having innovative ideas.

Over the years our company has accumulated a wealth of basic research data and developed a unique knowledge bank.

At the same time, we have a full-fledged Research & Development Division with quality control. With this philosophy governing our operational management system, collaboration with proven, reputed and well-established institutes became essential. As by such unions with collective efforts and knowledge sharing one can attain unimaginable heights through innovation.

Early months of this year 2020, changed the entire healthcare business priorities. One after another country started getting affected badly with the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The WHO declared it to be a pandemic, India got tightly gripped by nationwide lockdown.

We decided to start our best as an healthcare enterprise… on one hand as a small team of The Pandemic Task Force, COVID-19 to help people with basic needs and on another hand along with our expert team of medical professionals, research assistants and genetics experts, We started intensely looking all around the World for the scientific pursuits in this field of medicine to combat this deadly virus. While doing this, we’d had sleepless nights.

In response to the growing SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic, shortage of diagnostic kits, non-availability of something to prevent or cure the people from this deadly virus, struggle for preventing people from dying all over world.

We Got Determined For Several Things, Very First

While supporting other companies to produce test kits, we must develop our own test kits… both IgM-IgG Antibody Rapid test kits and RT-PCR test kits. Our expert team has developed and we are in a final stage of in-house lab testing, and then soon will submit for the validation of the to the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi and/or the National Institute of Virology, Pune. In the mean time we have also taken care of getting necessary infrastructure ready to start mass production soon.

Developing Test Kits

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria signed an MoU, exclusively collaborating with the prestigious ‘Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Tata Memorial Centre (ACTREC-TMC), Department of Atomic Energy (among the key Ministerial Portfolios held by the Hon’ble PM Mr. Narendra Modi), Government of India’ on 1st October 2020 for commercialising ‘VARS: Vekaria-ACTREC qRT-PCR COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2 Detection-Diagnostic Test-Kit’ to benefit the Society/Governments. The ‘VARS’ is one of the only peer-reviewed qRT-PCR methodology kits from India, published in the renowned ‘Heliyon, Cell Group’, an internationally peer-reviewed journal. First developed by ACTREC, headed by Dr. Amit Dutt, Principal-Investigator, Scientist-F and Dr. Sudeep Gupta, Director-ACTREC with the brilliant-students/researchers’ team from the Dutt-Laboratory: Mr. Bhasker Dharavath, PhD-Student; Ms. Neelima Yadav, PhD-Student; Mr. Sanket Desai, PhD-Student; Ms. Roma Sunder, Junior-Research-Fellow.

Third one to come up soon is a home-based IgM-IgG Antibody Rapid test kit, which is really a need of a country like India, we are in negotiation with a company that has the US FDA Authorisation.

Developing Vaccination

Second is to develop vaccination.

Developing Medicine

Third and most important is to come up with our own therapeutic agent to treat these COVID-19 patients and for immunization of normal non-infected population/people as a preventive and curative therapeutic medication.

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director’s ground breaking patentable idea of coming up with a unique formula with the combination of biopharmaceuticals, biologics and biosimilars is now at a very active, action mode stage and will come up soon with a medication which is not there at present anywhere in the world.

As stated earlier, our thoughts and plans became very clear for coming up with a solution… a therapeutic agent for COVID-19, we were heavily engaged with our team of research assistants, medical experts, genetic experts, biochemists, microbiologists, etc. on national and international platform, I happen to suddenly and happily turn my attention from all around… to right at our door step… Gandhinagar, Gujarat!

It was 17th April 2020, our Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani made an announcement about a major breakthrough made by scientists at Gujarat Biotech Research Centre (GBRC)… Prof. Dr. Chaitanya Joshi, Director, GBRC and Dr. Madhvi Joshi, Scientist-D & Joint-Director, GBRC had done a genome sequence decoding for three new mutations of COVID-19 virus, and further more is/was still on-going. Instantaneously, Vekaria Healthcare LLP bringing its attention back from collaborations in Germany, Kenya(East Africa), Vietnam, Israel, the USA, South Korea, Canada & Singapore, congratulated the brilliant scientists at the GBRC Mr. Yogendra Vekaria discussed one of his ground-breaking patentable research ideas of medication which are nowhere available globally for the on-going COVID-19 pandemic with them and they were really impressed with the idea and highly appreciated, hence a formal official collaboration was advised.

Top officials at GBRC briefed Mr. Hareet Shukla, IAS, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology & the Hon’ble Chief Minister (CM) of Gujarat about this development. And they were instructed by the Hon’ble CM to organize an urgent video conference (VC) for MoU signing, confidential discussion & a High-Level Special Meeting with Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director, Vekaria Healthcare LLP.

On 30th April at 2.30 pm the Video Conferencing (VC) was organised. At the CMO: the Hon’ble CM Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, Shri Hareet Shukla, IAS, Prof. Dr. Chaitanya Joshi, Director, GBRC and Dr. Madhvi Joshi, Scientist-D & Joint-Director, GBRC and others were present.

The Founder and Managing Director of Vekaria Healthcare LLP was advised to be present at the Official Jamnagar Collectorate Office’s Video Conference (VC) Centre/Room for the said VC meeting.

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director, Vekaria Healthcare LLP was present at the Jamnagar Collectorate Office VC Room for the video conference with the Hon’ble CM Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani.

(Considering the sensitivity of the information to be discussed in the highly confidential meeting about the COVID-19 global pandemic, even the Jamnagar – District Collector/Magistrate (DC/DM) was not informed about the meeting in detail/explicitly & was not asked to participate or remain present.)

Excerpts from the Video Conference of

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria with the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat:

The Hon’ble CM Shri Vijay Rupani congratulated & praised Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & MD, Vekaria Healthcare LLP for his efforts to come up with a recombinant vaccine and for medication with his ground breaking patentable research idea for the COVID-19 patients and for signing an MoU with GBRC for an official formal collaboration.

Mr. Yogendra Vekaria applauded & congratulated the Hon’ble CM Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani for taking the vision of the Hon’ble PM of India – Shri Narendra Bhai Modi (formerly the Hon’ble CM of Gujarat) who started the Gujarat Biotechnology Mission in 2004 further establishing GBRC in 2017, which is a great feat we’ve achieved. And also congratulated Dr. Chaitanya Joshi & Dr. Madhvi Joshi for decoding the genome sequence.

And Mr. Yogendra Vekaria further briefed that we’re definitely developing a vaccine soon. But our main focus is to come up with my ground breaking patentable idea of biologics & biosimilars combination medication which will have therapeutic, preventive & curative roles; which is nowhere available world-over. Then, with CDSCO’s permission to conduct clinical trials in Gujarat & other states respectively.

The manufacturing will be done in Gujarat State and supplied to other Indian States and will be exported globally. Moreover, Mr. Yogendra Vekaria expressed his serious concerns before the Hon’ble CM Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani stating that: At times due to hindrances (or negativity) from the bureaucracy or the structure of the system, many noble projects & proposals are halted or slowed down due to it. So, he requested to delegate an officer from the CMO or any other IAS officer, so that such a thing doesn’t affect our this noble project and so that we can avail the hon’ble CM’s, CMO’s & the concerned officer’s support whenever needed to complete this mammoth task in a speedy & smooth manner, positively, for the benefit of/to the public at large.

The Hon’ble CM emphasised saying that this is a highly decisive government. We’ve already delegated Mr. Hareet Shukla, IAS, who’ll wholeheartedly support you. Rather than a single hindrance, instead you’ll get all the necessary support, positively. He advised to not to worry at all and said “Go aheads…” to go ahead with full confidence & enthusiasm. Also said that Gujarat is far ahead in ease of doing business than other states.

At the end he congratulated again with best wishes to go ahead and to complete this noble mission; not only that he also blessed Mr. Yogendra Vekaria for & on behalf of the people of the Progressive State of Gujarat and reiterated that “My Government is with you!”

With this formal establishment with GBRC, now intense work is going on for coming up with a Vaccine candidate and other newer drug development. Newer drug for COVID-19 patients and for immunization of normal non-infected population/people as a preventive and curative therapeutic medication is a personal idea of Mr. Yogendra Vekaria, Founder & Managing Director, Vekaria Healthcare LLP and is getting patented. This is the type of drug which is nowhere in the world at present. Unique invention, very novel way of combining biopharmaceuticals, biologics and biosimilars to come up with one component as a treatment.

Moreover, other number of collaborations with various biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world are in process and various innovative permanent solutions for the sufferings of mankind are under development & coming up.

Other than that, Vekaria Healthcare LLP is also working on certain Govt. to Govt. deals, improving bilateral ties & doing collaborations with other respective Govts. of many developing, developed countries. With spirituality & philanthropy in heart Vekaria Healthcare LLP also plans to donate multi-million quantities of vaccines, other patentable, non-patentable therapeutic agents – antibodies & regenerative medicine to various Govts; offering strategic scholarships to students among other things. As Vekaria Healthcare LLP believes in the Indian tradition & practises as mentioned in our Indian Ancient Scriptures: ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, meaning: “The World is one family.” Which even our Beloved Hon’ble PM of India – Mr. Narendra Modi often uses & firmly believes in with actual practice. With this said, Vekaria Healthcare LLP is also collaborating with respective leading private & governmental institutes, ministries & universities of various countries targeting various issues, etc.

Altruism is quite inbuilt in our company culture. Access to high-tech eye care in rural areas of our country is not available/affordable. Hence, Vekaria Healthcare LLP’s free eye camps have so far benefitted 10,000+ people… using their product the Macular Densitometer & all other basic ophthalmic equipments, Hence, the motto: “Vekaria Healthcare promises to protect & preserve the precious gift of sight.”